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Jan 22 2018


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As Goddess Asha ( asha translates to hope in Sanskrit), I embody hope and instill inspiration.

I can awaken the youthful, vibrant energy within you and assist you in discovering your deepest desires and passions as you watch your dreams come to life. Having been involved with the fitness wellness industry for the last 15 years, yoga yoga therapy for about 7, Reiki energy healing work for about 5, and personal and spiritual development all my life, I can offer my expertise, support, light and love. I also have an uncanny ability of being able to put myself in others’ shoes allowing them to feel comfortable, safe, and connected. My healing space allows for the same kind of feeling, as I keep it clean and inviting with gentle choice in color, music, lighting, and smell. My goal is to create an ‘outer space’ where others are free to explore their own parameters and boundaries resulting in a more expansive ‘inner space’, but with a narrower/clearer sense of direction.

Come for a unique experience and to discover all sides of your self in a way that will transform your health, career, relationships, and life.

My first exposure to Tantra was with Goddess Asha about two months ago. And my second visit was a day after that, and my third visit a day after that. She created a sacred space of tranquility for me to overcome some emotional distress. I had underestimated the benefits but am quite pleased with the results and continue to return for the journey with her. I recommend you open your mind and your chakras with a session with her, and you ll be back for more . Anonymous, Chicago

Asha is beautiful inside and out. She has a great way of helping you feel at ease and relaxed. Her touch and gaze helped me to experience deeper levels of awareness and sensuality. Bruce, Chicago.

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